Jerry Durham believes that there is true magic in the relationship you build with your Client/Patient. The simple path to business success is learning how to engage the new Healthcare Consumer! By inspiring and empowering your employees to create memorable Patient Experiences, through a full understanding of YOUR individual patient lifecycle and precisely how to move your patient through it, is the key to your ultimate business success!



Jerry Durham and brings jam-packed value in each episode that challenges how practice owners and potential owners perceive the work that needs to get done! He will help you to grow tremendously as a business owner through this podcast.

Healthcare DisruPTion

Healthcare DisruPTion is the new bigger, better and more structured version of Business, Baseball and Bourbon. Don’t worry those 3 components will play heavily in this new iteration. I look forward to sharing my thoughts, books, examples and interviews with you to stimulate not only thinking BUT action too! It's all about the ultimate business success that occurs WHEN you focus on the patients, customers, clients and ultimately the consumers of Healthcare who are the end users! Are you ready to move healthcare forward through YOUR Physical Therapy Practice! Join me!

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