Important News For Any Physio Practice Owner Who Ever Felt Like Telling An Insurance Company,
“Go To Hell!”

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Do you worry about:

  • Payments and insurance reimbursements?
  • Charging what you’re worth?
  • Getting more new patients?

If you answered “Yes” once or more, this is for you.

Jerry DurhamHi, I’m Jerry Durham.

You and I have probably never met …

… but unless I miss my guess, you and I have a few things in common.

You hate dealing with insurance companies. Not only do they bury you in paperwork and red tape, they often limit how much rehab your patients can get. Which means you’re not able to deliver the full treatment that people need.

Some days you don’t eat lunch, you put in 10-12 hours, you fill out documentation, handle scheduling, you’re running around like a wage slave...

... yet you’re expected to have a Master’s and DPT degree, pass your Boards, have a valid NPI, pay for continuing ed classes... and then deal with insurance companies...

Does Any Other Profession Have To Deal With All This?

As badly as you want to deliver great care, you’re often forced into survival mode... worried about cash flow, reimbursements, getting new patients… it’s a long list.

Don’t worry, I get it.

As a Physical Therapist and Clinic Owner myself, I’ve walked in your shoes. I understand exactly what you’re going through.

And I’m here with real solutions that just might change your life.

I know that sounds like a tall order, but…

Read My Story and Judge For Yourself

I started my clinic 16 years ago, in a 30’x30’ space, with a hi-lo table, a desk and a computer.

I had no money and no business experience. All I knew was that I could help people.

And help people I did! I took all patients -- HMO, PPO, cash, Worker’s Comp, you name it. And for a while, my 1 PT to 1 Patient level of care worked just fine.

But then it all changed -- fast.

Insurance reimbursements started to go lower and lower. Rates dropped below $75 -- that was my break-even point! Then insurance companies started telling me how to treat patients and dictating to me the course of care.

I couldn’t go on taking payment cuts from insurance companies, maintain a high standard of care, and continue to pay my staff. Something had to give!

My choices were:

  1. Go out of business
  2. Change my practice model

I really had no choice. I decided to change my practice and go Out of Network.

And let me tell you…

I Was Scared To Death!

Imagine, I was asking patients who were paying a $20 co-pay per visit, to now pay me $150 per visit…

… even though nothing had changed about the service I was providing! I had to get over feeling “guilty” for charging the true value of what my team was providing.

I had to answer questions I had never thought about before, like:

  • “What am I really selling?”
  • “Who is my target customer?”
  • “How much are my services worth?”

The whole process of taking my practice in this direction was scary.

At the time, there were no other PT business owners to turn to for advice. So I looked at business owners in other industries. Like accounting, baking, even dry cleaners. I met owners of every imaginable kind of business… and I found that their problems were the same as ours!

So, I just kept reading, studying, meeting others and bringing it all back to my New Business Model -- an Out Of Network Physical Therapy Practice.

And then I started implementing what I learned. A tweak here. A new system there.

The result?

Well, here I am today in 2017 with…

Over $1.5 Million A Year In Revenue And No In-Network Contracts!

Now, don’t for one minute think that I’m special or any different from you.

The reality is, I simply had to do what I did -- or my clinics would have gone under. I had a gun to my head. Because in my city (San Francisco) and my state (California), our business faces the worst combination of high costs, regulation, and decreased payments of anyplace I know.

What does this mean for you? If I can make an Out Of Network model work in San Francisco, California, you can make it work anywhere.

Has it been a long, hard road? You bet!

Lots of times I never knew the right questions to ask, or even who to ask. I’ve just put one dumb foot in front of the other, day after day, for the past 6 years, and finally found success…

… and that’s why so many PTs and PT owners can identify with my story. Maybe you, too?

Because, if you’ve read this far, I think you know, deep down, that you want to make a change for the better. You want to do what’s best for your patients and your business -- NOT what’s best for the insurance companies.

So, if you’re a Physical Therapist thinking about moving to a cash based, hybrid, or out-of-network practice… and you don’t know where to start…

You Can Use My Experience To Break Free Of Insurance And Finally Get Paid What You’re Worth!

I can help you get there faster. By guiding you past the costly mistakes I made early on that held me back from success. Mistakes that nearly put me out of business!

That’s why I sat down a few weeks ago in front of a video camera and recorded every tip, trick, shortcut, and script I’ve developed….

… to help you set yourself free from insurance companies, deliver great care, and finally get paid what you’re worth as a Physical Therapist.

The resulting video is 3+ hours of hard-hitting tactics you can start using today to build the practice of your dreams tomorrow. It’s called …

(above is a screen capture from my new video training program)

Warning! The video I made is no frills. You might even call it ugly. So, if you want to watch cartoons or glitz, stop now. This is not for you.

But if you want to change your life, keep reading…

Because this video is all meat and no filler. It’s NOT a slick production from a billion-dollar insurance company. It’s a live training session from an actual PT and Clinic Owner -- me. Someone who actually works for a living -- like you.

Think of this video training as the most valuable 3+ CEUs you may ever get. An education in the “real world” of operating a highly successful Out-Of-Network Practice. From a guy who’s doing it for his 3 clinics every day.

Here’s A Sample Of What You’ll Discover In This New Video Training:

  • How to get paid $150 or more from out-of-network patients, even if they can walk around the corner and get care for a $20 co-pay. This can stop your cash flow worries forever!
  • 3 Questions to ask any new patient so they actually sell themselves on your higher, out-of-network price (perfect for you if you hate to sell)
  • The simple strategy that grew my revenue to over $1.5 million a year, with NO in-network contracts!
  • Are your front-desk staff sabotaging your hard work and actually turning patients away? Discover the ugly truth (and how to fix it fast)
  • How to say “Goodbye!” to insurance by selecting the right target market. Best part: It's all in your head
  • Why training is your key to success. (Hint: It’s the reason Navy SEALs are the best in the world)
  • How to stop worrying about your prices (and start getting paid what you're worth)
  • Staffing secrets of happy, successful Physio Practice Owners. You can banish employee headaches when you know these facts
  • Why you MUST know your 6 or 7 key performance indicators if you want to survive in this business. Hint: They include cost-per-visit and revenue-per-visit
  • Why you’re running a business that does physical therapy -- not doing physical therapy and running a business. Get this wrong and not only are you in financial hot water, but your patients will suffer for it
  • How the “Out Of Network Model” makes the price conversation easier than you ever imagined
  • Why “overselling” can destroy your cash flow (and how to avoid it)
  • Why staying in-network is the BIGGEST mistake you can make in our business
  • How to ensure patients complete their plan of care... enjoy ideal outcomes... and become an unpaid sales force telling the world about your clinic (hint: Think “LTV”)

These are the same secrets I’ve used to grow my practice to over $1.5 million in revenue -- with no insurance companies telling me what to do or how much to charge!

But don’t take my word for it…

Here’s What Other PTs Are Saying About This Information

“More Customers, More Revenue!”

“Jerry helped us define our UVP (what we sell??) so that we could streamline the initial calls from new clients. This led to us converting more initial calls to actual customers which led to increased revenue. Jerry is a straight talker who helped make our practice run better by giving us realistic, practical and proven solutions.”

‐ Greg Babiec, PT; New York, NY

“Jerry Helped Us Transition To Out-Of-Network!”

“When I first started working with Jerry, I had just started the process of transitioning my private practice out of network with most major insurances. We had been an in-network provider for the last 8 years and the model simply was not sustainable anymore. I own a Women’s Health PT practice so we treat all of our patients 1-on-1 for 40 to 60 minutes. I did not want insurance to dictate how I treat my patient, so I needed to transition out of network. Jerry has helped my receptionist and I hone our patient conversation skills from the first phone call to the benefit call back. [He] is genuine and passionate about helping other Physical Therapists succeed in the out-of-network model!”

‐ Brooke Kalisiak, PT; St. Louis, MO

“Jerry Will Help You Make More Money!”

“If you are struggling with reimbursement and tired of allowing insurance companies to dictate your care, call Jerry! He will help you understand the value of your services and help you train staff to be able to transition to making more money for your private practice. Thanks Jerry!”

‐ Kim Nartker, Owner; West Chester, OH


My clinics are not a PT mill. We succeed by delivering outstanding outcomes. We regularly get 4 and 5-star reviews from our patients, who say things like this:

Let’s Wrap This Up

My new “10 Steps You Must Take To Be a Successful Out of Network Clinic” video is available for instant download, so you can start building the practice of your dreams right now, today.

Conservatively, this video is valued at $750. That’s the minimum you would expect to pay if you wanted to hire me for 3+ hours of personal coaching.

But, really, if you learn how to finally go “out of network” and stop being a wage slave to the insurance companies … and you get just 1 new patient a week as a result of what you learn here … what’s that worth to you?

For me, these secrets are worth $1.5 million a year, a number that continues to grow. For you, that number could be higher, or lower. There really is no limit.

But just to make sure you get the full value from this training …

You Get 2 Free Bonus Gifts When You Take Action Today:

Free Bonus Gift #1: Video Transcript ($200 value)

You probably know that everyone has a favorite learning style. For some people, it’s Visual (video). For others, it’s Reading (books, etc.), Auditory (listening) or Kinesthetic (hands-on).

That’s why I paid a writing service to create a written transcript of this video training. If you’re a Visual learner, the video itself is fine. But if you prefer Reading, the transcript is your answer. And if you really want to benefit from this new material, use both –-- Video and Transcript.

This Video Transcript, a $200 value, is yours FREE with your order today.

Free Bonus Gift #2: 60-Minute Private Coaching Call ($250 value)

This saves you time and money by avoiding costly mistakes. Because you get my detailed answers to ANY questions you have after watching the video training.

You get personal answers to questions like:

  • “What do I say when someone calls to ask, ‘Do you take my insurance?’”
  • “Can my EMR work as a CRM to grow my business?”
  • “How do I train my staff to talk about price?”

No matter where you are on your journey as a PT, I’ve been there and done that. In our 60-Minute Private Coaching Call, I’ll remove any obstacles between where you are and where you want to be. No more confusion or wondering what to do next. You have a clear path and a track to run on.

This 60-Minute Private Coaching Call, a $250 value, is yours FREE with your order today. That’s how serious I am about helping you build the practice you want and deserve!

Your Practice Will Improve.
Your Money Worries Will Vanish.
Or Your Money Back!

You cannot make a mistake here. Your success is guaranteed.

Just give my “10 Steps You Must Take To Be a Successful Out of Network Clinic” Video a fair try. Watch it, learn from it, then judge for yourself.

If you don’t see your practice taking off… with higher revenues, more patients, and no more headaches from insurance companies… if you’re not 100% delighted with the Video, Written Transcript, and 60-Minute Private Coaching Call for any reason -- or no reason -- you get your money back. For up to one full year.

No fine print. No questions asked. No hard feelings, either.

Nobody else will make you that kind of guarantee. But I will. This protects your investment in learning and becoming a better PT. And it compels me to produce the #1 practice growth solution in America -- to help you create a thriving out-of-network clinic!

Here’s What to Do Now

Up until now, if you struggled to make a living on what the insurance companies reimburse you for treatments, it wasn’t your fault. Because nobody told you how to break free of that cramped, limiting existence.

But now that you’ve found the only video training… with written instruction and a personal Coaching Call to fill in the gaps... backed by a Risk-Free, One-Year, Money-Back Guarantee...

... it’s your responsibility to do something about it.

Take the next step. Give yourself, your patients, and your family the advantage you deserve.

You’ll be glad you did.

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Jerry Durham
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Look, any proven opportunity to break free from working your butt off for insurance reimbursements (when other people without your education are earning more money than you) … and do so without risk ... has to be important to you.

That’s why I urge you to take action today. Because the best time to create a thriving out-of-network clinic is NOW.

Don’t wait. Don’t hesitate. And don’t miss out.

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$597 Just 3 Payments of $181

Save $54

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$597 Just One Payment of $497

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