Jerry Durham believes that there is true magic in the relationship you build with your Client/Patient. The simple path to business success is learning how to engage the new Healthcare Consumer! By inspiring and empowering your employees to create memorable Patient Experiences, through a full understanding of YOUR individual patient lifecycle and precisely how to move your patient through it, is the key to your ultimate business success!

Jerry Durham helps Physical Therapy Practice owners engage patients for greater results. Following his graduation from Physical Therapy school, Jerry practiced in a variety of settings, including both inpatient and outpatient, from small independent clinics to large hospitals. From the very beginning, Jerry wondered why there wasn’t specific emphasis placed on treating patients as individuals, with unique concerns and objectives and why more effort wasn’t being made to develop true relationships with patients.

Jerry’s experience working in these settings fueled his drive to prove that you can increase arrivals, decrease no shows and cancellations and achieve great patient and business results all through the relationship between your clinic and your patients.

Jerry grew up in the beautiful Napa Valley, working in the vineyards that his hardworking parents owned, watching firsthand the ups and downs that his business owner parents went through managing their business. Jerry’s entrepreneurial spirit was both born and bred as he watched and learned from his parents successes and failures.

While Jerry loved the vineyard and admired his parents' efforts, his true passion lay in helping people, so he chose not to follow in their footsteps. Because Jerry was active in sports during his youth, his high school football team trainer, a Physical Therapist, set Jerry on the path towards Physical Therapy.

Once in practice, Jerry worked in a wide variety of clinical settings, small and large, independent and corporate, honing both his clinical skills and and observing how these businesses operated...or, more frequently, didn’t operate.

Constantly frustrated that the focus in all of these clinical settings was on billing codes and raw patient numbers, Jerry wondered why there was no focus on successful patient relationships.

This lack of relationship mindset drove Jerry to start his own practice, simply to prove to himself that there was another, better way to practice, one that would place the emphasis squarely on great results for the patient, and would ultimately lead to great results for his practice. Over time, San Francisco Sport & Spine Physical Therapy expanded to multiple locations in the San Francisco Bay Area.

How did Jerry prove what he set out to prove? That’s the question he’s asked most frequently and the reason he is now sharing his experience, learning and techniques to help all practice owners who truly want to achieve great results for their patients and build relationships for life.

Jerry began the next phase of his career in 2016, moving on from his successful practice and into the consulting world. He is now the nationally recognized expert on client experience, a frequent conference speaker teaching the next generation of practice owners.

Jerry is the recognized industry leader of the movement to adopt patient engagement as the prime method to improved outcomes and how to own and operate a thriving business whether you accept insurance or are strictly cash based, simply by cultivating great patient relationships.

Jerry is a lifelong learner, an avid reader, is ruled by his 2 poodles, has a serious fear of heights, loves all things baseball and is forever grateful that his wife encouraged him to start his own practice. Jerry continues to passionately work toward bringing true and lasting change to the healthcare industry for the betterment of everyone.


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