P3 DisruPTion Summit

Attention, Physical Therapy Practice Owners!

Discover How to Generate More Income with Less Effort Using Your Existing Patients, While Running Your Physio Practice Remotely From The Location of Your Choice!

Select one of the events below to discover how YOU can have both your successful physio practice and a personal life filled with as much financial profit AND free time as you desire!

Austin, Texas

Private dinner for P3 DisruPTion Summit VIP Attendees.

Austin, Texas

P3 DisruPTion Summit

  • Marketing automation to grow your PT practice like wildfire!
  • Attract new patients to your door with repeatable ease!
  • Create more income from existing patients…and they’re happy to give you more money!
  • Take a relaxing vacation and know that your practice isn’t burning to the ground without you!
  • Eliminate “cattle car physical therapy practices”! Focus on the patients you want to work with!

Philadelphia, PA

Private Client Workshop - Creating a Horde of Raving Fans (Building Your Referral Base)

By appointment only.

Boston, Massachusetts

Physio Marketing in the New Economy - How to Attract New Patients Without Losing Your Shirt!

Grayson, Georgia

Disney in Your Physio Practice - Crafting the Perfect Patient Experience


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