[EP 022] It's RELATIONSHIP CENTERED CARE… Interview With John Woolf

January 2018 | 28 mins

Welcome to episode 22 where we build on a keystone of Provider Success with their patients… THE CONVERSATION they have with their patients …… This continues the conversation around The Patient Experience and Customer Lifecycle...


[EP 021] PATIENT ARRIVAL EVALUATION and COURSE OF CARE: Step 4-6 of The Patient Lifecycle – The Patient Arrival, The Evaluation, The Course Of Care with my favorite clinician, JEFF MOORE

September 2017 | 47 mins

Welcome to Episode 21... we are jumping back into the Patient Lifecyle and I have connected with the resident expert for this step, Jeff Moore, PT. Nobody I have met can connect the Provider with the Patient in this journey we call the Patient...


[EP 020] It’s the Numbers Guy – Andrew Vertson... Owner of PT Clinic Metrics

September 2017 | 43 mins

Welcome to episode 20…. It’s time for Jerry to get uncomfortable! Jerry talks to Andrew Vertson, The Numbers Guy. I am NOT a numbers guy and that is why it was key that I got Andrew on the show. What I have learned is that if YOU want...


[EP 019] A Patient and her Physical Therapist Interviewed together… It's REAL LIFE!

August 2017 | 36 mins

Welcome to episode 19 where the unusual occurs …… we are ALL used to hearing Physical Therapists interviewed on shows telling us how things should be! And Yes, very rarely someone puts a patient on their show to talk about their experiences...


[EP 018] BETTER Outcomes... Guaranteed!! Interview With Curtis Tait, DPT

August 2017 | 43 mins

Welcome to episode 18 where Jerry travels to a far off land called Canada to chat with a physio who is getting things done with his patients by putting his 3 E System into use! ( ill give you a hint, 1 E stands for Empowerment). Curtis Tait is a Physio in...


[EP 017] CUSTOMER ARRIVAL... Step 4 Of The Patient Lifecycle, Broken Down For YOU!

July 2017 | 43 mins

The Patient Lifecycle is the key in creating a successful Physical Therapy Business. On this podcast we have made it our purpose to get you the business owner (or potential) to understand WHY it’s important and WHAT its about...


[EP 016] WELCOME BACK...A Breakdown Of ALL Previous 15 Episodes To Get You Caught Up

July 2017 | 30 mins

WE’RE BACK!!!!! And welcome back to you!.... So begins the next chapter in the Healthcare Disruption Podcast.  The Podcast that KEEPS it real and works the fringes to talk REAL solutions to Healthcare and yes Physical Therapy!...