[EP 016] WELCOME BACK...A Breakdown Of ALL Previous 15 Episodes To Get You Caught Up

July 2017 | 30 mins


And welcome back to you!.... So begins the next chapter in the Healthcare Disruption Podcast.  The Podcast that KEEPS it real and works the fringes to talk REAL solutions to Healthcare and yes Physical Therapy!

Andrew and Jerry break down ALL previous 15 episodes in this one episode to catch you up.  You learn the history of where Jerry started and how after 8 years of being an In Network clinic he shifted 3 offices over to Out Of Network, on the fly!  You also learn about the interviews we’ve done and WHY we chose those guests…. HINT: there’s a large leaning towards “customer service”, “putting the patient first” and ideas based on “NOT doing things the Old Way”

Have a listen - then if you want to know more about Jerry or Andrew just look for the various ways to stay in touch!

Thanks for listening…

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