[EP 017] CUSTOMER ARRIVAL... Step 4 Of The Patient Lifecycle, Broken Down For YOU!

July 2017 | 43 mins

The Patient Lifecycle is the key in creating a successful Physical Therapy Business. On this podcast we have made it our purpose to get you the business owner (or potential) to understand WHY it’s important and WHAT its about.

Today we discuss Step 4 in Jerry’s Patient Lifecycle, The Customer Arrival.

As you will find in this episode the key to a successful Physical Therapy business is understanding YOUR patient’s journey within your business. The sooner you understand and the sooner you map out this experience, the more successful YOU will be. Listen for the points on communication with the patient AND with your Team. Also listen how customer service plays a role in your patients experience.

Again this will be new to you and something you have not heard before….

Have a listen - then if you want to know more about Jerry or Andrew feel free to go over to jerrydurhamPT.com and click on the “Stay In Touch” button.

Also feel free to me email Jerry at jerry@jerrydurhampt.com

Thanks for listening…...

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