[EP 018] BETTER Outcomes... Guaranteed!! Interview With Curtis Tait, DPT

August 2017 | 43 mins

Welcome to episode 18 where Jerry travels to a far off land called Canada to chat with a physio who is getting things done with his patients by putting his 3 E System into use! ( ill give you a hint, 1 E stands for Empowerment). Curtis Tait is a Physio in Canada who is an Owner in Tall Tree Integrated Health and is a Founder of AMP Physio a great new Education company.

Curtis and Jerry talk about all things Patient Focused and talk about the numerous similarities between the US and Canadian Healthcare System when it comes to Physio….. YES far more than you think there are!.. Curtis and Jerry use many words that are foreign to many Physios around the world like, Expectations, Customers, Clients and the big one Healthcare Consumer!

Take a listen and see how YOU can make a change tomorrow to better the EXPERIENCE for your patients and in turn drive up your Outcomes!! Cheers

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