[EP 019] A Patient and her Physical Therapist Interviewed together… It's REAL LIFE!

August 2017 | 36 mins

Welcome to episode 19 where the unusual occurs …… we are ALL used to hearing Physical Therapists interviewed on shows telling us how things should be! And Yes, very rarely someone puts a patient on their show to talk about their experiences. So we at Healthcare Disruption Podcast said….. What The Fuck, let’s put a PATIENT and THEIR Physical Therapist on the same show!!! Its so simple and such a great way to get to solutions! So welcome Lisa Maczura and her soon to be World Famous Physical Therapist, Eric Christensen…..but as you know on this show its ALWAYS ABOUT THE PATIENT, first and foremost! So take a listen and learn the REAL Answers to solving PATIENTS problems, from the PATIENT!

As you listen think about phrases like THERAPEUTIC ALLIANCE and MANAGING EXPECTATIONS….. the application of those most important phrases are in this episode….

Cheers and enjoy!

Here are the links to the people and the places from this show:

Lisa on Twitter: @lisamacncheese

Eric on Twitter: @chandler_PT

Chandler Physical Therapy: chandlerpt.net

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