[EP 020] It’s the Numbers Guy – Andrew Vertson... Owner of PT Clinic Metrics

September 2017 | 43 mins

Welcome to episode 20…. It’s time for Jerry to get uncomfortable! Jerry talks to Andrew Vertson, The Numbers Guy. I am NOT a numbers guy and that is why it was key that I got Andrew on the show. What I have learned is that if YOU want business success then Step 1 is to Measure! It’s NO different than treating patients….. “If You Measure It, Then You Can Change It”. Again, YOU must measure it FIRST! After that, then you get to dig for the CAUSE of the changes in those numbers, or as Jerry and Andrew simply like to call it, Cause and Effect. Take a listen and realize how truly Step 1 to business success is measuring!

Cheers and enjoy!

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Andrew’s Website: PTclinicMetrics.com

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