[EP 021] PATIENT ARRIVAL EVALUATION and COURSE OF CARE: Step 4-6 of The Patient Lifecycle – The Patient Arrival, The Evaluation, The Course Of Care with my favorite clinician, JEFF MOORE

September 2017 | 47 mins

Welcome to Episode 21 …… we are jumping back into the Patient Lifecyle and I have connected with the resident expert for this step, Jeff Moore, PT. Nobody I have met can connect the Provider with the Patient in this journey we call the Patient Experience like Jeff Moore. He knows how to Manage Expectations, build a Therapeutic Alliance and get a patient to Know and Feel that YES they are in the right place for their care!....... In this Patient Lifecycle one of the biggest keys to success is to continue to make it about the patient and build it all around their story! Take a listen to Jeff and take it all in and know that this is your mapped out journey to success for you the provider to help all your patients!

Cheers and enjoy!

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Jeff's Education company: ice.physio

Jeff on Twitter: @jeffmooredpt

Jeff on Instagram: @icephysio

Jeff on Facebook: Jeff Moore DPT

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