[EP 022] It's RELATIONSHIP CENTERED CARE… Interview With John Woolf

January 2018 | 28 mins

Welcome to episode 22 where we build on a keystone of Provider Success with their patients… THE CONVERSATION they have with their patients ……  This continues the conversation around The Patient Experience and Customer Lifecycle after they have gone through all the earlier steps and NOW they meet their Provider! This episode is about YOUR skills Providers, that is correct, BUT not the skills you think. It’s about COMMUNICATION, CONVERSATION, and LISTENING…. What I like to call the Hard S**t!! The stuff none of us want to work on because we THINK we are already good at it! So we take another class on dry needling, manual therapy, exercise, etc, etc AND never hone in our RELATIONSHIP SKILLS! The success with our patients/customers/clients is built on TRUST! ALL great Physio Outcomes are truly rooted in TRUST… Yes, we just call it THERAPEUTIC ALLIANCE!

So sit back and enjoy Part I of my conversation with John Woolf, PT who runs Patient Success Systems and has made it his Passion and Goal to make sure all Providers understand how best to use communication skills to build on Relationship Centered Care

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John Woolf on Twitter: @juanloboPT

John Woolf website:  PatientSuccessSystems.com


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