[EP 23] It's DISRUPTION IN HEALTHCARE!… It's called LEAD GENERATION…. Interview with Alex Engar and Will Boyd

January 2018 | 51 mins

Welcome to episode 23 where we dig into a true DISRUPTION in healthcare, Getting to YOUR potential patients BEFORE they need your Services!..In this episode I talk with Alex Engar and Will Boyd of Healthy Funnel. Alex and Will run a digital Lead Generation business for Healthcare Providers and have made it their mission to make sure Physical Therapists and other Healthcare Providers can find the people who will benefit from their services. Here’s the kicker Alex and Will are Physical Therapists too. This is a great conversation with 2 guys I met before they had their DPTs…..

Take a listen to the OLD and the NEW of the Profession conversing about WHY we need these services available to ALL in Healthcare so we can join the people who need us earlier in their journeys! Also how Lead Generation will help to save our Profession!

Here are the links to the people and the places from this show:


Alex Engar

Will Boyd

Website for Will and Alex: HealthyFunnel.com

Facebook Group: Healthcare Digital Marketing

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