[EP 27] If we’re gonna talk Disruption, we must talk Pop Health… Interview with Todd Davenport

March 2018 | 56 mins

Welcome to episode 27… Have you ever heard the term “Population Health” or “Social Determinants of Health”?! Have you been on Social Media and seen the hashtag #PopHealth or #SDOH or #ZNA? Well up until very recently I had a very shallow understanding of all these terms and hashtags. Thankfully I heard Todd Davenport speak on this topic in January this year and I quickly understood (well not completely) what all this meant! I knew at that point that true disruption in Healthcare had to involve this understanding of Population Health. In this episode Todd and I dive into these terms and I truly believe that you will leave with a far deeper understanding of what it all means…. Cheers

Todd will take you from high level to into the weeds and show you how the complexity is NOT all complex and how the factors tie together in what he has dubbed #ZNA… the true factor we must focus on as Physical Therapists. The speech that I heard Todd give in January is linked below..

Here are the links to the people and the places from this show:

Todd Davenport on Twitter: @sunsopeningband

Todd’s January Talk: youtu.be/mKQVIf9irnA

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