[EP 29] PART I… ALLIANCE… It's HUGE in Physio… Interview with Maxi Miciak, PhD

May 2018 | 65 mins

It’s a World Wide FIRST here on the Healthcare Disruption Podcast….Welcome to episode 29 where I welcome Maxi Miciak, PhD…. The FIRST ever PhD on my podcast! The theme around CONVERSATIONS as the tract for building success with our patients continues. Maxi has been the Author on multiple papers I have read (YES, RESEARCH PAPERS!) around all things Alliance in the Physio-Patient interactions. Maxi shares great insights into the different types of Alliances that are built and with whom….. Then of course we discuss HOW and WHERE and yes WHY these Alliances fit in the Patient’s Experience within a Practice!... Especially how it all fits into Phase I of the Patient Experience. The Phase that occurs from the 1st phone Call until patient arrival.. We even discuss the importance, the science!, behind getting patients to share their stories!

Yes this podcast is an hour long because there was no way to shorten or cut this discussion! And yes you will even hear some hockey talk!

Enjoy Part I of the conversation with Maxi and I would recommend planning on a 2nd listen after your 1st run through!

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