[EP 32] The Front Desk Series... #3 - Let's Build

February 2019 | 29 mins

Welcome to episode 32… The third installment in the [FRONT DESK SERIES]! This week we continue to move closer into the role of the front desk. YES, it is important to have the correct Mindset then lay the proper Foundation before we can begin to build… (like what I did there?!?!). Last week we got down to the 15,000 foot level and today we continue deeper to the 5,000 foot level. This episode will deliver the frame we need to stand back and say, OH SHIT!!! The FRONT DESK ROLE is important to 1…taking care of patients 2… Growing my practice (at a rate I never considered). We go into the phases of the patient Lifecycle, we describe them and then break them down. I continue to the beat the drum on Your Practice as an ecosystem!

Cheers and thanks for listening!

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