[EP 34] The Front Desk Series.. #5: INTERVIEW! Tina... Living Well With Pain

March 2019 | 51 mins

Welcome to episode 34… The FIFTH installment in the [FRONT DESK SERIES]! This week we had our FIRST Patient Interview of the Front Desk Series! As you know I LOVE hearing from patients about their experiences and thoughts and feedback on all things Healthcare. From day 1 the Mission of this podcast was to put the PERSON back into the forefront and center of Healthcare! So, to that goal, I chatted with Tina, the Author of the “Lining Well with Pain” blogpost. Tina and I have interacted on twitter (surprised?) and recently agreed to converse further about her experiences in the (UK) healthcare system. THE SIMILARITIES ARE NOT AS FAR OFF AS YOU IMAGINE. I came into this interview with no set questions or agendas, I just wanted Tina to share and this turned into a great discussion of which I took 2 pages of notes during the interview! Enjoy this episode as there is A LOT to hear and think about! Cheers all

**Contrary to popular belief this is not subtitled “The Matt Low Fan Show”!**

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