[Ep 35] The Front Desk Series... #6
Takeaways from [Ep 34] to IMPLEMENT!

March 2019 | 26 mins

Welcome to episode 35… The SIXTH installment in the [FRONT DESK SERIES]! Last week we had our FIRST Patient Interview of the Front Desk Series, it was with Tina of LivingWellPain.net. As you know I LOVE hearing from patients about their experiences and thoughts and feedback on all things Healthcare, and the interview with Tina did not disappoint! In this episode I wanted to review my significant takeaways and look at how we can begin to implement some things she shared, today! The information that Tina shared should be discussed (a wee bit) and it should be implemented, a whole bit!

Ultimately I will package Episode 34 and 35 into one podcast that I will title, “FUCKING GOLD”

I’d love to hear your feedback after listening to both Episode 34 and 35 to see what you will do and to see what you believe needs to be done!

Here are the links to the people and the places from this show:


Website: http://livingwellpain.net/

Twitter: @LivingWellPain



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