[Ep 36] The Front Desk Series.. #7

April 2019 | 27 mins

Welcome to episode 36… The SEVENTH installment in the [FRONT DESK SERIES]! Today we discuss a term that’s getting thrown around A LOT, and now it is showing up in Healthcare and Physio conversations a lot! I get asked on a regular basis, “can you train our front desk in customer service?”. To which I answer, “How will we measure success of this training?, How will we know we are successful in the practice?” NOBODY ever has an answer! Today’s episode takes on this concept of Customer Service, WHAT is it?, HOW do you measure it?, WHAT are you training folks in? You might be surprised at the answer. In order to be successful in your physio practice going forward YOU must understand this concept and how it applies to what you and your team do every day in your practice!

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