Putting Patients First: Man on a Mission

I first met Jerry Durham in Seattle during 2011 over a plate of sushi. At the time, I knew little about this guy beyond that fact that he liked the SF Giants ball club and owned a practice in San Francisco, and certainly didn’t know how honored I would be that his very first tweet ever was a tweet to me. As Jerry and I sat in the restaurant of the boutique Hotel Max, I could tell he was something different right away. He had passion. But, no one yet knew it. He was a man with a message, but one without a platform. That didn’t last long. Despite some early frustrations, Jerry persisted and has climbed and clawed his way into focus.

Fast forward to 2016, I sat down with Jerry outside of the Oakland-unique Bicycle Coffee for an espresso and to chat about the very recent, and very successful Patient Panel at the recent CSM conference. While chatting, he fielded business calls, did association nominating committee work, talked about qualitative research, and planned for upcoming conference talks. No longer is Jerry Durham one of PT’s best kept secrets!

If you’ve been on Twitter, listened to his podcast, or attended Graham Sessions in the last few years, Jerry is kind of hard to miss. He’s got a shtick, no doubt. He’s loud. He speaks on emotion. He doesn’t wait his turn. He wears nice socks, and drinks fine bourbon. But his game isn’t without substance, and his message is important, rooted in service and in relationship-centered care…and business…, and architecture…heck, it probably even includes relationship-centered bourbon drinking! Jerry is about listening to people, which is ironic given how often he likes to tell you what’s on his mind.

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