What Does the PATIENT EXPERIENCE Look Like?

Your SERVICE is the game changer… increased co pays, Increased co insurance, Increased deductibles and Increased premiums (money straight out of paychecks) makes us ALL accountable like never before in Healthcare.

The accountability is coming from and owed to the Healthcare Consumer, that person who will be YOUR end user when they call the clinic. So where does the Patient Experience fit into your practice?!…. Well if you want to create a HAPPY and LOYAL patient (customer) then the Plan to DO this is YOUR Patient Experience!….

Let’s dive right in and take a look at the touchpoints involved in your Patients Experience, there are 3 major phases:

  • Phase I ..... First Contact ---> Arrival
  • Phase II .... Interaction with the Provider(s)
  • Phase III ... Post course of care ----> re-engagement

*** NOTE I HAVE NOT INCLUDED ALL YOU’VE DONE TO GET THIS POTENTIAL CUSTOMER TO CALL YOUR OFFICE** That would be the Lead Generation YOU have set up and must be connected to the Patient Experience throughout…..

The objective of PHASE I

Is to start building a relationship that will be continued throughout their journey with your practice. KEY PLAYER: Front Desk/Admin. They will turn a potential patient into a scheduled patient, while collecting the data necessary to begin the course of care. Or they may begin the nurture process for someone who is not quite ready at this time. The person who answers the phones in your practice has the GREAT responsibility for this step – they are the (potential) patients first impression of your practice, The Voice of The Company. Their accountability is to deliver a Patient to the Provider that is the right fit for your company. This usually requires 3-4 steps and must be emphasised that everything (positive and negative) that has occurred to this point has set the stage for this meeting with the Provider….

NOW the Patient ARRIVES in YOUR office…..

The objective of PHASE II (in addition to the obvious history and exam provided by the therapist) is to secure the patients buy in to their plan of care. KEY PLAYER: Provider. The therapist must present the patient with information about their diagnosis and the proposed plan of care to assist the patient in reaching his or her goals. This Phase includes the patients course of care. The goal being to have the patient complete their recommended plan of care. The therapist and front office team must keep the patient accountable for their portion of the responsibility of meeting the goals by preventing no shows and cancellations.

NOW the Patient has Completed their Course Of Care… There is NO discharge……

The patient experience doesn’t end once the patient has reached their goals and completed the plan of care. PHASE III occurs after the completion of care. The objective is staying in touch with the patient when they are no longer regularly coming into the office. Monthly newsletters about events are one way to accomplish this objective. Regular educational offerings for the community may be another method. Practice owners often underestimate the need to keep their practice at the top of the patients mind. Keeping in touch with past patients brings you full circle in the Patient Experience as the patient re-engages with the practice either by becoming a return patient, or by referring a new patient to your practice. Both offer opportunities to continue the relationship, and truly create a customer for life….

Any questions?! Let’s stay in touch! CHEERS

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