Why More and More Pt Clinics Are Going Out of Network and How You Can Do the Same

Your vision for patient care can’t be achieved under insurance company mandates…..It’s that simple. What may not seem that simple is, how you set your business up for success by being out of network.

Why is there actually more risk in operating an in network business? I’ll tell you and it starts with the constraints you work under when accepting insurance reimbursement and it goes something like this……

Insurance companies MANDATE limits to treatment plans.

Insurance companies LIMIT number of visits.

Insurance companies DICTATE how much you will be paid for the services you provide (even if the amount doesn’t cover your actual cost per visit) and YOU have no say.

Insurance companies require more paperwork and force you to work through their red tape BEFORE you are reimbursed for the services you’ve ALREADY PROVIDED.

Insurance companies can REFUSE to reimburse you if they don’t agree with the necessity of the treatment plan you’ve developed even after it’s been delivered and completed!

Insurance companies provide little to NO communication when coverage levels change and in my 15 years in private practice I’ve only experienced reimbursement DECREASES, never increases….15 yrs!

The whole experience becomes ABOUT the Insurance…NOT the Patient.So let’s step back, you didn’t spend tens of thousands (more?!) of dollars on your education and put countless hours into becoming an expert in your field to allow a third party payer determine what’s best for YOUR patients.

You have a vision for your practice, a set of goals for what you want to accomplish for your patients and you know there has to be another way….and you’re right, there is….

But you have to be willing to be BOLD, you have to be willing to put your vision for your practice and what you want for your patients ahead of what everyone else says is ‘possible’ or I should say ‘impossible’ and that is running a successful, completely OUT OF NETWORK business.

So are you ready to work on setting up your practice without the insurance company red tape game or take the next step in liberating yourself from insurance company constraints if you are currently in network?

Are you ready to move in the direction that will allow you to treat your patients with their goals, their best interests and their outcomes at the top of your priority list?

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