You Can Improve What You Measure……You Are Measuring it Aren’t You?

If you wanted to grow your practice by 5 -10 more new patients a month how would you go about it? Would you spend more money on marketing ideas? Spend more time on marketing? How would you measure the success? Would you just measure it by new patients?

What if I told that you do not have to spend another penny to get those 5-10 new patients. Those potential new patients have already called your office! How do I know? The same way you should know, by tracking incoming calls!

When you spend more of your time and energy (not money) on LEAD CONVERSION, your practice will grow.

LEAD CONVERSION = how to answer the phone and manage ALL the questions that arise.. And how to manage inquiries from emails too!

When you track (measure) the calls coming into your office, then you have all the information you need to not only convert these phone calls into new patients, yet also to help manage your Practice better! The place to gather this information is on what I call the New Patient Call Log. The New Patient Call Log is a place to gather data and start measuring multiples points that will help you add more new patients without spending a dime! This Call Log can be as simple as an Excel spreadsheet or better yet, a Google Doc. A Google Doc can be shared and viewed from multiple locations.

The information gathered on the Call Log is only slightly different than a regular patient intake form. There are only two things to really keep in mind when setting up your Call Log.

1) Make it flow like a phone conversation so that the data points are easy to enter for the person taking the call. For example, Patient name, phone number then DOB, etc.

2) Collect information needed for now (like mentioned above) and collect information that you can use to manage in the future. Questions that lead to answers about the success of your Marketing that month or quarter!

So now you have…..

  • Multiple data points to measure the success of your lead generation {marketing Plan).
  • You can track monthly calls.---> That should be a steady or growing number.
  • You can track HOW people found you.
  • You can aggregate that monthly, quarterly, yearly to track your top sources of referrals.
  • You can also use that column to reach out to providers and people as further marketing.

So get started measuring it, so that you can improve it!


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